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How to properly install Wallpaper: a perfect neutral mural

Project nursery needed some visual interest so I immediately thought of wallpaper! I searched wallpapers of all kind to find the perfect neutral to go with any home decor style. I landed on and found the TUSCAN Landscape Mural (pictured

There are three types of wallpaper:

  1. Peel and Stick (perfect for rentals)

  2. Traditional or Pasted (high quality wallpaper) will need wallpaper adhesive and easy to align

  3. Pre-pasted: glue is on the back of the wallpaper and is activated with water before installing.

I have installed all three types of wallpaper- they are all super easy to work with in my opinion. This is the second time I install pasted wallpaper in my home so I will be sharing my steps with you below.

How to install pasted wallpaper

  1. Measure the walls to determine how many rolls you will need to order. Milton & King customer service can help you with that if you get stuck. Height x Length to determine square footage. The mural pattern I chose repeats every 3 panels, so I ordered 2 rolls for a total of 6 panels. Wall dimensions for the nursery wall is 90 inches x 136 inches. The picture above is of two panels that meet (no seam noticeable) the mural pattern matches up perfectly during the install.

  2. Purchase wallpaper adhesive and a wallpaper kit. I purchased the wallpaper adhesive from The Home Depot Canada.

Wallpaper adhesive:

Wallpaper kit:

I used a mini paint roller to apply adhesive. You can use the brush that comes with this kit to apply the adhesive.

3. Next, cut the roll to separate the panels. Lay them on the floor to ensure they align accordingly. Once you have your panels ready you can start prepping the wall for install. The panels are longer than the height of the wall so I cut the panels at the top. You can decide where you want to trim depending on the design of your mural or wallpaper pattern. It was an easy decision to remove more from the top here without cutting into most of the trees on this mural.

4. The first panel must be leveled or else the install will give you a hard time. You will find uneven walls in older homes so it is super important to level the first panel to ensure a smooth install. To do this part I used my favorite self leveling laser level! linked here and pictured below:

This level comes with a clamp so it was easy to attach to the crib facing the wall I was installing the mural on.

5. Once you have the level set up- paste the wall with the adhesive using a paint brush or paint roller and install the first panel making sure it falls on the level line on the wall. The adhesive makes the panel easy to move around on the wall so you have room to make the proper adjustments before removing the air bubbles and smoothing out the panel on the wall. Go over the seams where two panels meet with a seam roller or the wallpaper smoother (this is in your wallpaper kit).

6. Continue this process for all panels, once done the last step is to cut the excess wallpaper where it meets the baseboards and ceiling. For this I used my smoothing tool to hold the wallpaper against the baseboard/ceiling while cutting with a utility knife to ensure a straight cut.

There are 4 panels that meet here- no seams visible! It's that easy. This wallpaper elevated the nursery so quickly. Wallpaper install is super easy when you're working with high quality wallpaper. To see the full nursery reveal follow along on Instagram here:

As always, thank you for your stopping by & for your continued support. If this was helpful please like this post or leave a comment and/or feedback.


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