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Hi friends, Welcome!

I am so happy you found your way here and I'm honored that you want to learn more about me.


My name is Nada, and I am the creator of One Forty Four. I am a working mama, self- taught woodworker and DIY enthusiast. I am excited to share more about my journey here on this blog. 


I started One Forty Four in 2020, shortly after lockdown. I was looking for a creative outlet between Nurse life and mom life. I picked up my very first power tool in May 2020 and spent my free time in the garage learning how to use my new tools while upgrading my home one room at a time.


I started sharing my new found passions with friends/family on the gram and I would share home projects here and there, but slowly found a community wanting to learn how to do it themselves. My goal here is to provide detailed tutorials, tips, the basics and tons of inspiration not limited to woodworking and DIY.


If there’s one thing I’m truly thankful for, it’s the opportunity to share my passion with people who share my enthusiasm for woodworking and DIY projects. So here I am, honored to teach you what I have learned along the way and hoping to inspire you to try something new.  To stay up to date with tips, tutorials, and project details please Subscribe below. 

Thank you for stopping by. I hope to inspire you to start creating!


Feel free to contact me below for further inquires/collaboration requests. 

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