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Hello/Salam Insta-friends! Welcome!

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Can't believe I'm writing this blog post....

Let me just start by saying Thank YOU! Yes, you! Thank you for being here and clicking that link! It means SO much to me! You have no idea how foreign I feel in the blogging world! When I say "sometimes I plan, but most times I wing it" I mean it! I am totally winging my first blog post, but we all know that jumping right into it is sometimes the way to go! My goal for this blog is to inspire, empower and encourage you to try new things even if you don't know where to start (kind of like me right now). I want to share everything I've learned on this DIY/Woodworking journey so far so that you can jump right into it too!

Detailed tips, tricks and tutorials coming soon, Insha'Allah (God-willing).

There's more! On this blog I plan to share more about motherhood, lifestyle and everything that sparks joy in my life. Stay tuned...

Chat soon homies,


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